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Would you rather give the wheel out of your hands?

Rent a flat bottomed ship with skipper

Bring a skipper along during Your sailing holiday or daytrip

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to or can not ship yourself, but still want to sail with a flat-bottomed boat; we are happy to arrange a skipper for you!

For example for a day sailing, a sailing holiday of several days or just a first day (part) of your holiday.

Skipper joining You during your sailing holiday

Can't see Yourself skippering a flat-bottomed ship? Or would You prefer to leave these activities to someone else? For every desired period we can arrange a skipper for You.

This can be a skipper who continues to sleep the entire sailing holiday on board: keep in mind that a bed should be kept free when reserving Your flat bottom ship.

Or if You like to enter the evenings in Your own company, it can also be arranged so that the skipper will return home in the afternoon or evening and comes on board the next morning. It is important to plan a fun, but also practical route before departure from Gaastmeer so that the skipper has the means to go home.


Short sailing instruction

Do You have enough sailing experience, but would You like a short "refresher course" before You fully take control Yourself during Your sailing holiday? It is also possible to book only a skipper for the first day or part of Your sailing holiday. Then You will practice some skills together with the skipper in the vicinity of Gaastmeer.

Day trip sailing with skipper

You can also book a flat-bottomed ship with a skipper for a day's sailing. This way You can fully enjoy a beautiful day on the water with family, friends, colleagues or business relations.

When does the skipper come on board?

When we receive Your reservation with skipper, we will contact You. So that we can arrange a time when You would like for the skipper to get on board.

One person likes to let the skipper arrive a little earlier so that he can welcome You in Gaastmeer, or You can arrive at the same time. The other person would like to be on board with his / her own company before the skipper arrives.

If You arrive late in Gaastmeer and do not want to sail in the evening, we can also arrange that the skipper will join You on board the next morning.

How to book a Skipper

For all our general rental periods of a weekend, midweek or week, You can book a skipper directly online when booking a flat-bottomed ship. Do You want to for a sailing holiday longer than a week? That is also possible, please inform about the possibilities: or 0031 515 469566.