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What should I consider?

Renting a flat bottomed ship for the first time

Sailing on an authentic ship with all comfort

Do You have sailing experience but not yet with a flat bottomed ship? Then there are some things that You have to take into account. Because of the "flat" hull, a flat bottomed ship sails and maneuvers differently according to a sailing yacht or motorboat.


A flat bottom has, in contrast to any other type of boat, no keel, but on each side a sword. Due to the flat hull, a flat bottom is relatively high on the water and can therefore "float away" more quickly. Especially when there is a strong (side) wind. The swords ensure that the ship better maintains its course or position on the water and is easier to maneuver.

Main sail with gaff

A sailing yacht is "tower rigged" and runs with a point to the top of the mast. A flat bottom has a "gaff". This gaff hangs horizontally against the mast when the sails are hoisted and ensures that the sail has more surface at the top.

Bow thruster

To facilitate maneuvering and to increase sailing pleasure, we have installed a bow thruster in all our flat-bottomed vessels (except the smallest lemsteraak Riepel).

Sailing instruction

To get the feeling of sailing with a flat-bottomed boat, you can also choose to participate in our sailing instruction. A fun and educational weekend in the spring.

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You can also choose to take a skipper with you during your sailing holiday. This is possible for the entire holiday period, but can also be arranged for the first day or hours of your booked sailing holiday. This can be fully arranged to your wishes and depending on your sailing experience.

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