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A wunderfull day sailing with family, friends or business relations

Daytrip sailing in Friesland

A nice day sailing can be arranged from €35,- p.p. incl. skipper!

Waterrecreatie Syperda is the place to be for a fun and relaxing sailing trip with your family, friends, colleagues or business partners. Sailing around Gaastmeer and Heeg and the possibility to have a drink in Boppe de Golle afterwards.

Location: Gaastmeer / Maximum capacity: 250 persons

Comfort or speed?

Because of our wide range of different vessels, there is a choice for everyone: do you prefer a ship with a spacious cockpit so that you can sit together with the whole group? Or a fantastic sailing experience on a real authentic tjalk or racing skutsje? Everything is possible!


Interior of our ships

The ships all have (except for a racing skutsje) a fully equipped kitchen, spacious sitting area, sleeping places and separate toilet. At the departure port of the ships there is a large parking space which is also easily accessible for bus transport.

Restaurant Boppe de Golle

And at the end of the day; relish the memory of the day at height! Restaurant Boppe de Golle is located at four meters height and has a magnificent view over the surrounding Frisian lakes and farmlands. Boppe de Golle is located on the same grounds as Waterrecreatie Syperda and offers the opportunity to finish a wonderful day of sailing with a drink, dinner, buffet or barbeque.



For catering on board during the day sailing you can also contact Restaurant Boppe de Golle. Inform about the possibilities!

Sailing in Friesland

Waterrecreatie Syperda is also the place to be for a beautiful sailing holiday! All our ships are equipped for a longer stay on board

Flat-bottom ship rental